Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings: Zombie is the second movie after Miruthan to hit the screens basking on dead man walking concept. Kollywood suddenly seems to fall into the trend of roping in Yogi Babu with or without the script in mind. Whatever runs through the production house is anyone’s guess. With a half-baked script based on various Hollywood movies. Zombie is a sober attempt in delivering neither thrill, glamor nor comedy.

An attempt to translate an English-speaking zombie into a Tamil comedy. Also, we can say that its a group of individuals is in a resort where there’s a zombie outbreak. Can they get out of the place alive?


Zombie 2019 Movie Story

Three different gangs end up in a resort in different scenarios. When the place is under a strange virus that can turn humans into blood-sucking zombies. How they get out of this situation in one piece is the story. A low-production budget movie that relies solely on mindless comedy is also another way to put it. A group then heads to a resort to locate or ignore you.

There is another faction behind this gang, led by gangster Yogi Babu, a self-made grandfather. Since Santhanam hung up his shoes, Tamil cinema was in dire need of a comedian, Satish, Soori, Karunakaran. Now Yogi Babu, who initially showed a good grasp of things; But then the angriness in every other movie or perhaps his true comic ability is now overcome. What he does is abuse, be it a zombie or the actor we wish he can be a zombie in real life.

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

With two groups already at the resort, enter our MBBS grad – Yashika and her friends who are on a getaway at the same resort. The zombie attack begins when people are becoming Zombie after consuming broiler chicken, for some reason it only affects women and the glam gal yashika remains unaffected to watch until the end. How all these weirdos come together to live another day is a tiring zombie movie.

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Miruthan was organic and true to his production values ​​- Jayam Ravi was the focus on the movie’s script and lived up to his expectation on honest terms. There is a blatant abuse of Bhuvan’s zombie comedy and originality of zombie movies. To sit through two hours of entertainment is nothing short of boredom.


Zombie 2019 Movie Review

Hit that If it is zombie-proof, Bhuvan R Nalan cannot even figure out how to do a comedy or a plain, catchy story.
His movie lacks a single memorable joke (PUBG with bhajans (sung with bhojis) is the idea) or pall, which seems to be just a bunch of actors who are popular with social media-savvy youth, Seats will automatically ensure bums on the theater.

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Initially, we think the movie will get better after a lousy set-up (some tedious person with personal problems). While the movie only dips into insomnia to new depths (such as avoiding the zombies dressing in a woman’s body for ). The plot involves these individuals, who have to stop a zombie outbreak at a resort, as nothing affects it – not even a little bit.
With such material, even artists, some of whom have enjoyed watching in other projects, turn out to be annoying.

Zombie 2019 Movie Cast & Crew

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Zombie 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Director: Bhuvan R Nullan

Producer: S3 Pictures

Screenplay: Bhuvan R Nullan

Genre: Zombie Comedy Thriller

Story: Bhuvan R Nullan

Starring: Yaashika Aanand and Yogi Babu

Music Director: Premgi Amaren

Cinematographer: Vishnu Sri

Editor: Dinesh

Production Company: S3 Pictures

Release date: 2019

Language: Tamil


Zombie Movie Positive Points

  • A different script
  • Cinematography and BGM are fantastic

Zombie Movie Negative Points

  • The screenplay should have been better
  • The stars are wasted
  • No comedy; no horror

Zombie 2019 Movie Verdict

The audience trusts the star cast and visits the theatres. But the movie disappoints the spectators as it neither has horror nor comedy. Zombie… watch at your own risk. Zombie will definitely not be a part of Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other OTT, this does not mean the film is a must-watch in theaters as well.

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