Vrithra 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Vrithra 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Vrithra is a suspense thriller movie which is directed by R Gautham Iyer. You must know that the movie is produced by Lalithaa, Shambulingayya Swami, Rajwant Singh.  The movie is featuring Nithya Shri, Sudha Rani, Prakash Belawadi and Tharun Sudhir in the main leading roles.  Also, music in the movie is composed by D.A.Vasanth. It is a fine film and the viewers are quite excited about this film.

The Vrithra is a Kannada Language Mystery-Drama movie which is directed by Gautham Iyer R and Produced by Shambulingaya Swami also Cinematography work is done by Aditya. If we talk about the lead cast then we will see that Nithya Shri, Prakash Belawadi, and Sudharani. The movie is looking very interesting and makers are hoping on the First day of opening Movie attracts Audiences in good numbers.


Vrithra 2019 Movie Review

A new film with a different character. Investigating the crime thriller story in Bangalore is how Indira breaks it down. Director Gautam Iyer falls behind justifying many of the scenarios in the film, though some of the female lead imagery is distracting. Defeating the audience, which could be a good movie for irrational reasons, fails.
Indira (Nityashree) Crime Branch Officer. Due to the carelessness of her boss, she is limited to writing reports of other cases. She was waiting for a case to come up.

vrithra movie review

vrithra movie review

In this case, there is a case of suicide. The kidnapping case takes hold of a young woman who is investigating why she committed suicide. How does she solve this? Is there a connection between the two? It can be seen in the cinema.
Directors who grow the story out of the audience’s imagination have lost control of the script in many ways. Scattered links become language. The heroine yearning for a new case easily gives up the opportunity to catch the culprit. Neither character nor context is created for the patient. Not to mention that character nurturing should be even better.
Nithyashree is promising in the first film as Indira. Prakash Belavadi and Sudharani, including director Tarun Sudhir, have done justice to their role. The directors’ first attempt at bringing the interesting story to the screen is commendable. They seem to have the ability to direct images with even more garbage. No commercial cinema. No song, no fights. However, there are some intriguing elements that can be seen once.

Vrithra 2019 Movie Trailer

Official Trailer from Kannada movie ‘Vrithra’ starring Nithya Shri, Sudha Rani, Prakash Belawadi, Tharun Sudhir, Ravi Sitaram, Girish Jatti , Diamond Sri Sri Mall, Sumanth Gowda, Jaya Hegde, Kantha Mani and Madhu R. ‘Vrithra’ movie is directed by R Gautham Iyer and produced by Lalithaa, Shambulingayya Swami and Rajwant Singh.

vrithra movie trailer

vrithra movie trailer

As Indra, Nithya Shri has her moments. The first half makes for an engrossing watch, which the second, unfortunately, fails to match. DA Vasanth’s background score works for the mood but is too loud at times.

The main premise of the story is not new and director Gautham throws in plot points that are not addressed well. For a debutant, though, he deserves a pat on the back for the attempt to try something different in terms of the execution.


Vrithra 2019 Movie Story based on

`Vrithra` is a drama thriller movie that revolves around sub-inspector Indra Rao (Nithya Shri). While investigating a seemingly open-and-shut case, Rao uncovers a trail that leads her way beyond the obvious and straightforward answers. As she follows the evidence, she is posed with a choice that could change her life as a police officer.

vrithra kannada movie

vrithra kannada movie

Positive points of the movie

  • This movie has good direction work.
  • Screenplay work is awesome in the movie.
  • Editing work is good in the movie.

Negative Points of the movie

  • This movie has weak cinematography.
  • Production work is poor in the movie.
  • Acting work is average in the movie.

Vrithra 2019 Movie Watch or Not?

You all should know that Kannada movie Vrithra is a fine film and the viewers are going to love it for sure.  You must know that the recent release Vrithra is making enough money for the makers and you all are going to love it.  Well, Vrithra is a must-watch movie and the viewers are going to love it.


Final Verdict-

In the end, we think that Vrithra is a good movie and this weekend various releases are released at the box office. You all should know that the Vrithra review and ratings are coming out positive. It is a must-watch film and the viewers are pretty excited about the storyline and concept.

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