Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Undiporaadhey movie is directed by debutant Naveen Niyani and his work is being appreciated. One more low budget film which has made its way to the theaters is Undiporade. Based on a father-daughter relationship, lets now see how the film turns out to be. Undiporaadhey is released this Friday at the box office. It is a good film and this weekend various Telugu releases are released at the box office.

We think that somewhere in between a lot of movie Undiporaadhey is going to take its place. It is a simple movie that has very simple content. We are expecting good but steady earnings from the movie on the very first day of release. Besides that, the movie is receiving very positive word of mouth and the reviews are coming out good for the movie.


Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Review

These days digital media is attracting a lot of viewers and the film industry is targeting these platforms like YouTube to promote their projects. Filmmakers are coming out to interact with various channels for collaborations and promote each other. But how far will one go to just create a buzz around the film? This small film titled Undiporaadhey which had a release on Friday tried some cheap tactics to bring some controversy in by targeting the biggie like Saaho and make buzz out of it for their Film.

undiporaadhey movie

undiporaadhey movie

The video features some vulgar talk and criticizing Saaho and how a flop it came out, then introduce their film calling it a beautiful story. Well, it is absolutely not. The film starring some unknown faces is hardly registered in the audience and nobody even cared to mention it even they tried some attraction by titling it by the popular song Undiporaadhey.

In the end, nobody even knows it had a release. If it had the proper content, the film would have grabbed the talk like C\O Kancharapalem which too had all new faces but did great. Well, such cheap stunts that the Undiporaadhey team played would only get numerous views on YouTube tube but can’t cut tickets at the theatre which is proved again.

Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Story Based On

A period romantic drama set in the 1980s, Undiporaadhey is inspired by real-life incidents. The film follows a young girl and boy who meet and fall in love during their college days, and an unexpected turn of events that changes their lives forever.

undiporaadhey full movie come

undiporaadhey full movie come

Undiporaadhey is a love story. It comes on September 6th along with Jodi, Darpanam and few other flicks. Videos which were unleashed has got good marks from youth and teenage people. Tarun Tej, Lavanya, Roopika, Siddiksha, and few other artists were acted.

Naveen Nayani handled the direction section and Dr. Lingeswaarr funded the movie. Konda Naidu Valisetti worked as an executive manager. DOP department is in the hands of Naresh Anna.


Undiporaadhey Movie Cast & Crew


  • Tarun Tej
  • Lavanya
  • Kedar Shankar
  • Satya Krishna

Director: Naveen Nayani

Music: Sabu Varghese

Dialogues: Subbarayudu B

Editor: JP

Stunts: Ram Sunkara, Naba and Subbu

Co-director: Sriharikota Sudhakar

Release Date: September 6th, 2019

Language: Telugu

Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Positive Points

One of the biggest assets of the film is the father-daughter relationship. All the episodes which showcase this bond have been elevated well in the film. Kedar as the possessive father does a superb job in his role. Even the female lead, Lavanya does a good job in her role and is efficient in all the emotional scenes with her father.

Patas fame Nookaraju does a good job in his role and evokes decent comedy here and there. Ajay Ghosh is yet another highlight in the film as he does his role quite sincerely. The love scenes between Ram and Lavanya have been showcased well and look realistic. The way parents go through all sorts of trouble when their young kids fall in love has been executed well.

  • This movie has good production work.
  • Screenplay work is fine in the movie.
  • Editing work is good in the movie.

    undiporaadhey movie cast

    undiporaadhey movie cast

Undiporaadhey 2019 Movie Negative Points

The makers take forever to enter into the main storyline. The entire first half is boring and bland as it does not showcase anything gripping. The college scenes in the film are quite predictable and do not showcase anything new for the audience.

The love track does not create much impact to the proceedings even though it has been shown well. There are many scenes that defy the logic in the film and sidetrack the proceedings completely in both the halves. The climax is also not that convincing and ends on a very familiar note which will be boring for the audience.

  • This movie has a weak direction work.
  • The cinematography work is weak in the movie.
  • Music production is average in the movie.

Watch or Not?

Undiporaadhey is a Telugu movie which is going to make more than enough bucks for the makers. It is a film which can be watched by the viewers in good numbers. The word of mouth is coming out positive for the movie. You all can watch this movie because of the good content it has. Yes! It is a low budget film and it will make average bucks for the makers.


Final Verdict

In the end, we are pretty sure that you all are going to love the Undiporaadhey. This weekend various flicks are released at the box office and all of them are doing steady business at the box office. Also, the pre-release Saaho is doing very amazing business for the makers and it is dominating the box office. Overall, we think that Undiporaadhey is going to win a lot of hearts in long terms.

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