Super Duper 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Super Duper 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Super Duper 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings: Super Duper is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language drama comedy thriller film written and directed by Arun Karthik. The film stars Dhruva, Indhuja Ravichandran and Shah Ra in the lead roles. The film is produced by Shalini Vasan under the production banner Flux Films.

The music for the film is composed of Divakara Thiyagarajan and the cinematography is handled by duo Sundar Ram Krishnan and Thalapathy Rathnam. The principal photography of the film commenced in August 2018 as a short schedule. The film was theatrically released on 20 September 2019


Super Duper 2019 Movie Trailer

Watch the Official Trailer from Tamil movie ‘Super Duper’ starring Dhruva, Indhuja, Shah Ra, Adithya Shivpink and Soundariya Gowda.

super duper movie trailer

super duper movie trailer

‘Super Duper’ movie is directed by AK and produced by Shalini Vasan. To know more about ‘Super Duper’ trailer watch the video.

Super Duper 2019 Movie Review

  • Another film that focuses on drug trafficking in 2019. Together with the film, five to six films have been released so far.
  • Although the film is interesting in the way that director Ake has subsequently set up the screenplay of the Twists, most of the Twists are a little confusing.
  • Dhruv and Shara together mistakenly kidnap Hinduja. At that time, his father, a drug dealer, is killed in his house. Hinduja is also threatened with murder. The Hindu’s car is worth several crores of rupees. It has villainous Aditya Shivpink. There are many mysteries behind that drug. The Hinduja asks Dhruv for help. The rest of the film is about whether Dhruv helped Hinduja and saved him from murder.

    super duper movie review

    super duper movie review

  • Man Dhruv, along with Uncle Shara, acts as a symbol of theft. Casting is also casual in the scenes in Scope. The action scenes are just hilarious.
  • The Hinduja shows a little glamor in the film. He too goes into the mystery of Dad’s death. Earlier, she had played the villain in one of the earlier films, in which she dressed in modern costumes. His character could have added more action.
  • Shara sometimes laughs, sometimes annoyingly. The villain Aditya Shivpink has tried to be as villainous as possible.
  • People who have played other characters in the film have never been seen in cinema before. The heroine is the real man who played the hero of Hinduja. Technical stuff, such as music, videography, imagery, etc., can make the film more supportive.
  • They are a little confused about whether to move the image as a comedy or as a serious move.


Super Duper 2019 Movie Story

In storytelling, the new effort in screenwriting may have made the film more enjoyable.

There is a tasteless ‘romantic scene’, that again gets an explanation. And just when I thought my fears were not justified and this might actually turn out to be a non-problematic film, a homosexual gangster is introduced out of nowhere. Of course, he is lascivious. What else could the gay man be in our films?
And for once, I wasn’t happy that my guess was right.

After all, this, when Maama says “Ivangalam gangsters, ivangaluku oru boss, avanuku oru thangachi, avaluku oru lover and avanuku oru maama vera, cha”, at the end; I couldn’t help but agree.

super duper movie cast

super duper movie cast

Movie Cast & Crew

Directed by Arun Karthik
Produced by Shalini Vasan

  • Dhruva
  • Indhuja
  • Shah Ra

Music by Divakara Thiyagarajan

  • Sundar Ram Krishnan
  • Thalapathy Rathnam

Production company Flux Films
Release date 20 September 2019
Running time 118 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


Movie Verdict

You know you’ve watched too many bad films when you find yourself almost on the edge of the seat, waiting for the moment where the film gets problematic. Inappropriate humor, objectification — you know, the usual suspects.
I was thankful to be gifted a few misses in Super Duper before that moment, almost inevitably, arrives. Sherin is made to dance for a special number, but with a reason.

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