Ranarangam 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Ranarangam 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Ranarangam, starring Sharwanad, is this week’s other big Telugu release after ‘Evaru’.  A gangster flick, this film is from the director who has made a hit crime comedy like ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ in the past.  Does this film work?  What are its merits and misses?  Here we detail everything out. After the debacle of Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Sharwa is back with a crime drama called Ranarangam.

The film was released along with another thriller titled Evaru. Let’s see how the film turns out to be. The kind of film that allows you to soak in its mindless beauty much before you realize it’s heading in a completely predictable direction.


Ranarangam 2019 Movie Review

Ranarangam is a film that’s not hard to describe, plain and simple, it’s the story of a gangster who rises to power and ends up making numerous enemies along the way. The difficult part is when it comes to moving past all that mind-bending swag the film has on full-display and realizing it’s nothing but the same old liquor in a shiny new bottle.

This is not the kind of film you go to for its unique story that will surprise you with its twists and turns, it’s the kind of film that allows you to soak in its mindless beauty much before you realize it’s heading in a completely predictable direction.
Deva (Sharwanand) is a rich man living in Spain, busy being a single father to a teen he dotes on. Despite

ranarangam movie

ranarangam movie

keeping a promise he made years ago, he leaves some loose threads dangling and his past soon comes to haunt him. Ranarangam keeps switching between his past in Visakhapatnam and present, not always nailing the transition.

Deva was once a black movie ticket seller who’s aided by his friends (Raja Chembolu, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Sudhardhan). He decides to take advantage of the liquor prohibition imposed on the state under the NTR regime, smuggling in alcohol from Odisha in innovative ways and selling them for a profit. He also falls head-over-heels for Geeta (Kalyani Priyadarshan), whom he tells the truth of his profession.
Ranarangam packs in even more characters played by Ajay, Brahmaji and more. Kajal Aggarwal to exists in this tale for no reason, while Murli Sharma breezes through and brings some delightful nuance to his role of the token antagonist. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, time for the nitty-gritty.

While Sharwanand and Kalyani Priyadarshan pour life into their roles and give it their all, Kajal Aggarwal has very limited scope to perform, the ones seemingly having the most fun in the film seems to be director Sudheer Varma, cinematographer Divakar Mani, stunt coordinator Venkat, music director Prashant Pillai and dialogue writers Arjun-Carthyk.
The color red tinges numerous scenes, lending not just a jagged kind of beauty, but also an atmosphere that makes one feel like they’re watching a home-grown neo-noir film a la Sin City. The colors and frames used also remind one of a graphic novel, almost as if Sudheer and Divakar hand-painted the whole film together. Prashant Pillai’s music is a delight but his BGM elevates many key scenes.

Thanks to these intricacies, the film manages to stay with you despite the frustrating narrative which never allows you to truly connect to the characters. The dialogues by Arjun-Carthyk too don’t end up being overly melodramatic and hit just the right note. This is where Ranarangam truly shines.


Watch Ranarangam this weekend if neo-noir films are your choice of poison, especially the ones you can soak in irrespective of the story. Gives this one a chance especially for the way Sharwanand and Kalyani carry off their roles and for the technicians. But don’t go looking for a story that will surprise you or even leave you in awe, you will be disappointed.

Ranarangam 2019 Movie Story

Deva (Sharwanand), an orphan, makes a living by selling black tickets at cinemas. Adarsh Balakrishna, Sudarshan, and Raja (Sirivennela’s son) play his all-weather friends.

ranarangam movie about

ranarangam movie about

The friends enter the business of selling smuggled liquor when the Andhra Pradesh government imposes Prohibition in the mid-1990s. This is not to the liking of Simhachalam (Murli Sharma), a cut-throat politician, who is also in the same trade. Much to his anger, Deva continues to do what he wants.
More than 15 years later, Deva is in Spain, where he is an internationally notorious gangster. His past comes back to haunt him when a political bigshot aims to build a port in Vizag by displacing thousands of families.

Ranarangam 2019 Movie Performances:

Sharwanand is perhaps the only big selling point. For someone who is known for soft roles, he brings out the kind of intensity we saw of him in ‘Prasthanam’. He sports a thick beard throughout and that helps in lending an air of intensity. Otherwise, his dialogue delivery is pretty much ordinary.

ranarangam movie cast

ranarangam movie cast

Kalyani Priyadarshan as a shy but joyful-in-love woman is OK. Kajal Aggarwal is thoroughly wasted in a half-baked role. Murli Sharma as an MLA doesn’t show menace mainly because his role is underdeveloped. Others are largely forgettable

Ranarangam 2019 Movie Technical Aspects:

Divakar Mani’s camera work is top-rate and he is a talent to watch out for. The color of the frames for the flashback episodes is strikingly different compared to the present-day scenes. Prashant Pillai’s BGM elevates the scenes. The songs are passable.

Positive points Of The Movie

Like always, Sharwa does a sincere job in his role and is very good in both his different age groups. His dialogue delivery, serious attitude in the mature look is very good. Kalyani Priyadarshan gets a good role and she is superb in it. Be it her traditional look or chemistry with Sharwa, everything works for her in this film. Aadarsha Balakrishna is neat in his role. Raja gets a key character and he does his role sincerely. The first half has decent scenes as the liquor mafia is shown well. Sharwa’s rise to the top is handled well. The love story between Sharwa and Kalyani has been showcased in a superb way as the romance looks fresh and cute. Murali Sharma does a good job once again as he is apt as the cunning villain.

  • The first half sustains some interest, with the movie flipping between past and present.
  • The locations are well-chosen.
  • The set is so natural that it just blends with the actual Vizag locations.

Positive points Of The Movie

  • There are too many cliches. The element of land grabbing is introduced early on. That is quite a dampener.
  • The absence of a strong villain. Murli Sharma and others are wasted. The henchmen get gunned down in undramatic fight scenes and shootouts.
  • The dialogues are either bland or ridiculous or both.
  • The Kalyani-Sharwanand track should have been wrapped up in the first half itself. Anybody can guess
  • what must have happened to the heroine’s character. What is the point in dragging the flashback till the pre-climax phase?
  • Praveen and Sudarshan put in humongous efforts to make us laugh but they fail.
  • The climax is quite a letdown. A few killings with the gun and it’s all over!
  • Kajal’s presence was not needed at all.
  • The bonding between the hero and the girl in his family is so superficial that it looks unnatural.
  • The hero looks artificially cold. He can’t strike a chord with the audience when he looks that indifferent.


Ranarangam 2019 Movie final Verdict

‘Ranarangam’ is replete with obsolete ideas. The screenplay is hardly smart, with the hero never looking frightened even a wee bit. A Union Minister trembles with fear when his PA is brutally killed. We are never shown how it was executed by the hero who lives in Spain. You can imagine what ‘Ranarangam’ must be like.

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