Petromax 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Petromax 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Petromax is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film directed by Rohin Venkatesan and produced by Passion Studios. The film starring Tamannaah and Yogi Babu is a remake of the Telugu film Anando Brahma and it opened to positive reviews. This weekend Tamil movie Petromax is released this Friday at the box office.

We are pretty sure that the movie is going to make positive for the makers. This movie is receiving good reviews from the critics and the word of mouth is also coming out positive for the movie. You must know that Tamil movie Petromax is a good film and the production work is impressive in the movie. It is a must-watch movie and you all are going to love it.


Petromax 2019 Movie Review

The first 20 mins of the film goes a little overboard with adult jokes and situations while elucidating on the lifestyle of a single teenage boy Prabhu (Varun) who is struggling due to his sexual desires. But the film settles down after the entry of Ramya (Samyuktha) who happens to be Prabhu’s upstairs neighbor.

Yogi Babu delivers an amazing performance as Prabhu’s ‘Senior’. His quick and unexpected one-liners scores claps throughout the film. Unlike his usual films in which he plays as a comedian, his character in this film has a solid goal (literally and figuratively) which is set-up right from his intro in the film and then given a satisfying pay-off towards the end.

petromax movie first look

petromax movie first look

The first half of the film is entirely carried by Yogi Babu’s screen presence and the plot barely escalates till the interval, but the second half of the film becomes much more engaging and wholesome. The colors in the visuals are vivid and the shots are not very traditional, as it matches the modern outlook of the storyline, especially in the song sequences. (Cinematography by Deepak Kumar Padhy)

Varun as the lead has delivered a good performance to his role. Ramya’s characterization might look a little bland, but Samyuktha has used the meaty role well and delivers a convincing performance as a semi-conservative girl from Madurai. The music of Dharan Kumar with various iconic voices of Yuvan, Anirudh and GVM is refreshing and gels well with the situations in the film.

The pet dog ‘Puppy’ of Prabhu is seen from the start of the film, but why it is used as the title is only justified towards the climax of the film. The tension and the emotional weights are in the final phase, where ‘Puppy’ is taken to the hospital due to an emergency situation. The strong bond between Prabhu and Puppy could have been conveyed with more moments.


A special mention is definitely required for the single take at the end (inside the hospital) of the film which consists of amazing camera work, direction and fabulous performance from Varun and the other actors (including the dog). The scene proceeds seamlessly with consistent tension and also pulls you in emotionally. The hard route taken by the director for this scene has really paid off.

petromax tamil movie trailer

petromax tamil movie trailer

The film could have engaged throughout as it does in the comedy scenes. A consistently funnier screenplay could have made the narrative more entertaining. But overall, Puppy is a fairly engaging watch that is shouldered by Yogi Babu’s humor initially but later develops with good emotional connect, interesting conflicts and fast-paced screenplay.

Petromax 2019 Movie Story Based On

A man is having trouble selling his house because of the ghosts haunting it. He asks four people to stay in the house for a few days and prove that there is no ghost. What follows is a thrilling combination of comedy and horror.

petromax movie cast

petromax movie cast

Petromax Movie Cast & Crew

Directed by Rohin Venkatesan
Produced by A. Kumar
Written by G. R. Surendarnath
Story by Mahi V Raghav
Starring Tamannaah
Yogi Babu
Music by Ghibran
Cinematography Dani Raymond
Edited by Leo John Paul
Production Eagle’s Eye Production company
Release date 11-Oct-19
Country India
Language Tamil

Positive Points of the movie-

This movie has good direction work.
Screenplay work is awesome in the movie.
Editing work is fine in the movie.

Negative Points of the movie-

This movie has weak production work.
Acting work is poor in the movie.
The cinematography work is average in the movie.

Petromax Watch or Not?

You all are going to love this movie and content is awesome in the movie. You must know that this weekend various releases are released at the box office and all of them are doing steady business at the box office. We think that the viewers are going to love this and the music production work is awesome in the movie. Petromax is a good film to watch out at the box office. This is impressive in the movie and you all are going to love it.


Final Verdict-

You must know that Petromax is fine film and the makers will make profitable bucks out of it. This is amazing and the viewers are going to love this movie for sure. You all can watch this movie and the production work is really very impressive in the movie. We think that the viewers are going to love this movie and the content is amazing on it.

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