Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Operation Gold Fish, an action drama, hit the cinemas today.  The film doesn’t carry much of a buzz.  With no crowd-pulling star cast, the makers have pinned hopes on content.  Does the film have substance? Or is it just about the Kashmir issue and nothing more?  What can be expected from the movie?  Here we tell you. Operation Gold Fish is a melodramatic tale of revenge gift-wrapped as nationalism. Operation Gold Fish is one film that has created a decent buzz all over.

The patriotic drama has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is.  Arjun Pandit (Aadi Saikumar) is an NSG commando who has not just survived the aftermath of the massacre Kashmiri pandits have experienced but has grown up with the aim of nabbing Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi), the main accused. How does he go about doing it forms the crux of the tale?


Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Review

On the surface, Operation Gold Fish is the tale of India finally having an iota of control over Kashmir after struggling with it for years. The tale of a girl wanting nothing to do with politics, yet finding herself embroiled in an act of terrorism. That of an NSG Commando who wants nothing more than to secure his country.

Operation Gold Fish movie trailer

Operation Gold Fish movie trailer

But beyond all that, the Operation Gold Fish film ends up being nothing but the same old tale of revenge, all for the good of the country of course, with the lines between jingoism and nationalism radically blurred and the term ‘anti-Indian’ thrown around casually at least twice. And of course, if the Operation Gold Fish film aims to make a grand statement of how most of us go about our lives blissfully oblivious to the tension brewing in the country, thanks to the men at border, it sure fails at making that message clear.
Arjun Pandit (Aadi Saikumar), an NSG commando is court-marshaled for refusing to follow orders pertaining to a particular case. With a melodramatic flashback preceding it, it’s not hard to guess what Arjun has done. On the other hand, there are the blissfully oblivious Millenials Tanya (Sasha Chettri), Karthik (Karthik Raju), Solomon (Nookaraju) and Nitya (Nitya Naresh), who are the token freshmen whose biggest issue in life is figuring out who has a crush on whom and nothing more. An impromptu trip they all take ends up being more than just a joy-ride, thanks to nabbed terrorist Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) and his effective henchman Farooq (Manoj Nandam). Dank jokes, random songs, college life, and chaos go hand in hand in this film, with the transition between it all jarring.
To make matters worse, while Aadi delivers an earnest performance, Abburi Ravi tries way too hard to bring forth the menace he’s supposed to ooze and ends up being nothing more than a caricature. Out of the motley crew of youngsters, it is only Nookaraju who manages to shine, despite the horrible lines he’s offered. Rao Ramesh, Anish Kuruvilla, and others breeze through their underwritten roles, even if Anish gets a long dialogue at a key moment. But what’s a mystery is why Krishnudu exists in this already cluttered tale. If it’s to bring some cheery moments, he fails to do that.

Operation Gold Fish movie review

Operation Gold Fish movie review

Sai Kiran Adivi’s script tries hard to bring forth a film that will set itself apart from regular Tollywood fare and while it does that on some level, it fails to keep you engrossed. Sricharan Pakala’s music doesn’t leave much of a mark either. At a runtime of just 2 hours and 7 minutes, one would expect the film to have a tighter narrative and maybe, something interesting to say. But Operation Gold Fish just ends up being a hot mess that could’ve been handled with a little more sensitivity. This is one mission that could’ve been aborted.


Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Story

Ghazi Baba(Abburi Ravi) is a dreaded terrorist who starts killing Kashmiri Pundits and keeps asking them to leave the place. Arjun’s(Aadi Sai Kumar) parents are one among those who get killed. Due to this, Arjun develops hatred towards Ghazi Baba and trains to become an NSG commando. He fights hard and even captures Ghazi Baba.

But Ghazi Baba’s gang headed by Farooq(Manoj Nandan) targets a minister’s(Rao Ramesh) daughter to save Ghazi Baba. The rest of the story is as to how Arjun fights hard and ends this terrorist mission of Ghazi Baba.

Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Plus Points

Aadi Sai Kumar did a decent job as an NSG commando. He has worked hard on his look and performance and gives a decent performance. One of the biggest highlights of the film is Rao Ramesh. He brings a lot of depth to the film and gives a knockout performance.

Anil Kuruvilla is getting decent roles and once again does a good job in his role. Writer Abburi Ravi as Ghazi Baba was also neat in his role. For a first-timer, he did well in his complex role. Nithya Naresh, Sasha Chetri, Krishnudu and the rest of the cast did well in their limited roles.

The manner in which the sensitive issues of Kashmir and its people have been showcased looks good. How the Indian soldiers are suffering by sacrificing their lives was also showcased well in the film.

Operation Gold Fish 2019 Movie Minus Points

The second half is where the film goes down. The screenplay goes for a toss and there are so many unnecessary scenes which are thrown it which derail the film. The twists that come during this time are also not that impressive.

The film defies logic in several areas. Manoj Nandan and his team come from Pakistan and go about their activities in a very easy manner. The way they operate and kidnap the minister’s daughter and operate in Vizag, all these things look over the top.

Operation Gold Fish movie cast

Operation Gold Fish movie cast

The manner in which the terrorists free Ghazi Baba has been stretched too much and eats away a lot of runtimes. The love story showcased also does not have much depth in the film and gets messed up.


Technical Aspects

The camerawork in the film needs a special mention as it showcases the fights and thrills in a superb manner. The color tone of the Operation Gold Fish film is also very good. Music was decent and the song that comes in the pre-climax of the film is pretty good. The patriotic dialogues written suits the nature of the Operation Gold Fish film. Production values were just about okay.

Coming to the director Sai Kiran Adivi, he has done just an okay job with the Operation Gold Fish film. His concept is good on paper but his execution is just about okay. His screenplay is not that engaging and he wasted a lot of time adding way too many things which derail the Operation Gold Fish film.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Operation Gold Fish is a passable patriotic drama which has a select few good moments. The setup is good but a disappointing screenplay and unnecessary scenes take away the grip from the proceedings. All those who like action-based films with patriotic feel can give this Operation Gold Fish film a shot and the rest can take it easy.

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