Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Reviews & Ratings

Kobbari Matta has been billed as a mindless comedy.  Its teaser and trailer abundantly made it clear that its audience should expect nothing more than irreverent parodies and occasional bursts of funny heroism.  Released today, it stars Sampoornesh Babu.  Does it work or not?  Let’s find out.

Kobbari Matta is a movie which has been shooting for the last five years, finally hit the screens on Friday (August 10), and let’s see how it is. Kobbari Matta has been in the making for over two years now. After a lot of struggles, the film has finally hit the screens today. Let’s see whether Sampoornesh Babu impresses us or not.


Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Review

It isn’t often that we get to introspect and comment on our own style of filmmaking, all the while in splits and yet nodding in acceptance. Kobbari Matta is an elaborate satire on the heroics and the melodrama of a commercial hero’s family drama.

Pedrayudu (Sampoornesh Babu) is the village head and the god-figure for everyone. So much so that no one does anything before he wakes up – when I say anything it could be anything from going to take a dump to give birth. His family consisting of four younger brothers, two younger sisters, three wives and the servants’ family of three who he treats as family. This family is close… like really close.

kobbari matta movie

kobbari matta movie

So close that they all sleep in the same bed. Yes, everybody. Pedarayudu loves his brothers so much that he denies them an education because that would mean they would have to go to another town to study. You know where this is going. Eventually, the brothers decide that they want a life of their own which is the path to all tragedy.

Pedarayudu’s devotion to his family (as dictated by his father Paparayudu) and the entrance of Androyudu, Pedarayudu’s look-alike claiming to be his son, the reasons behind it and the theatrics it leads to is the entire film.

Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Story Based On

Rayudu (Sampoornesh Babu) is a rule unto himself in a village where people are beholden to him.  He is its demi-god despite being a polygamist and lusting women.

kobbari matta movie review

kobbari matta movie review

Rayudu’s luxurious and happy life with his three wives goes awry when Androidu (Sampoornesh Babu, again) enters the screen with the claim that he is the son of Rayudu and the latter’s servant-maid Pandu (Shakeela).

The village head’s fortunes turn topsy-turvy.  Does he find salvation in the end?

Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Performance

Shampoo retains his ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ madness with aplomb.  He is enjoyable as a male lead who knows that he has to look the buffoonic best.

The ‘burning star’ is ably assisted by the controversial Mahesh Kathi, who plays the hero’s hyper loyal servant named Kamudu.  Shakeela, as a comically over-emotional wife of Kamudu, is entertaining.  The other actors do an okayish job.

Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Technical Aspects

Syed Kamran’s music adds no value whatsoever in a film where songs don’t matter much.  Mujeer Malik’s cinematography is nothing special.

kobbari matta movie artist

kobbari matta movie artist

Positive Points Of The Movie

  • One of the most significant assets of the movie is the unremitting dose of comedy.
  • The first half is filled with surreal humor, and Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu could pull off a triple role as grandfather Paparayudu, son Peddarayudu and grandson Androidu with such ease. His performance in each character is superb, and he does an excellent job in every frame.
  • The judgment scenes in the village and how they are narrated with a racy screenplay is one of the highlights of the film and create big laughs. In theatres, the audience scream, and whistle on every dialogue uttered by Sampoornesh Babu. His talks put the soul in his character and make it more appealing and expressive.


  • The parodies are intelligent in bits and pieces.  Sampoo’s exaggerated heroism takes the cake. The family relationships are eccentric.  Some of the ideas are bizarre but they make us laugh nevertheless.  For example, Rayudu insisting that the entire family should sleep together even if his newly-wed son has to consummate the marriage is downright funny.
  • The film takes veiled digs at Tollywood cinema’s ridiculous obsessions with item songs.
  • Mahesh Kathi and Shakeela are a mild plus.
  • The short run time (110 minutes) is another blessing.

Negative Points Of The Movie

  • Kobbari Matta has no logic, so there is no scope to complain.
  • Double meaning lines are too many.
  • The second Sampoornesh Babu doesn’t get much space in the story.
  • A number of scenes in the second half are in the same vein as those in the first half.
  • Nothing can replace a proper story, which this gag fest called ‘Kobbari Matta’ lacks.
  • The film is mainly for youngsters.

Kobbari Matta 2019 Movie Final Verdict

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’- this phrase also apply for Kobbari Matta. Director Rupak Ronaldson and Sampoornesh Babu have delivered a movie that meets all the expectations of the audience. The film deals with a severe subject in a very humorous way. Even as the movie gets predictable, it manages to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire duration.


Sampoornesh Babu is unwearied and thoroughly entertaining with big laughs. If you have a mood for absurd comedy, you can try this.  Don’t expect classy humor.  There is a certain brand of comedy that Sampoo champions.  His target audience knows what it is.  If you don’t know what it is, we guess this film is not meant for you.

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