Hacked Movie Review and Rating and more

Hacked Movie Review and Rating and more

Hacked is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language psychological thriller film directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Krishna Bhatt, Amar Thakkar and Jatin Sethi under their banner Loneranger Productions. The film stars Hina Khan, Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar. The story is mainly about a boy’s love for an older girl and how it turns into an obsession. The film was officially announced on 8 January 2020 by Vikram Bhatt with its first look poster released on social media. Principal photography commenced in August 2019. The film was theatrically released in India on 7 February 2020.

Hacked Movie Review and Rating

Hacked Movie Review and Rating

A young boy of 19 years named Vivek (Rohan Shah) loves and gets obsessed with an older, married girl named Sameena Khanna (Hina Khan). When Sam rejects Vivek, he decides to hack her social accounts for revenge and make her life a living hell.


Hacked Movie STORY:

Hotshot editor of a fashion magazine, Sameera ‘Sam’ Khanna (Hina Khan), befriends a cute kid from her apartment complex, Vivek (Rohan Shah). But, one fateful night, the dynamics of their relationship change, and for the worse.

Hacked Movie REVIEW:

Sam lives in a high-rise, dons designer clothes and heads the editorial team of a top fashion magazine in the city, and has a Bollywood actor for a boyfriend (played by Siddharth Makkar). So, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, everything.

Vikram Bhatt’s depiction of the digital world evil called ‘hacking’ seems like an offshoot of the central character’s own misdoing first. But, soon after, the plot directs us towards the twisted psyche of a sick computer genius – extensive stalking, blackmailing and malicious intent to tarnish the reputation of an accomplished individual. All in the name of ‘love’. The narrative of this crime thriller is something that has been significantly explored in the West and even on home ground. Unfortunately, despite Hina Khan’s glammed up Sam and Rohan Shah’s venomous Vivek, ‘Hacked’ fails to strike a chord with the audience. It neither instils fear in the minds of the wrongdoers in the world of dark web, nor does it manage to highlight the predicament of a woman facing the wrath of a violent cybercriminal.

Hina Khan, as this drop-dead gorgeous editor, is personable in scenes involving slightly mature actors like Mohit Malhotra and Siddharth Makkar. But, when left alone with Rohan Shah, her act undergoes extreme changes – either she is too dramatic or plain flat. Rohan Shah tries to be this convincing sociopath, wreaking havoc on his subject of obsession’s life, but what he does end up looking, is a harmless kid – even the forced wide-eyed act and trembling with anger bit doesn’t work for this young actor. Mohit Malhotra, as the lovesick neighbour-turned-friend, Rohan Malhotra, looks pretty on screen but puts up a lacklustre show.

The music is above average and it is safe to say that a few of the love ballads are hummable, which comes as no surprise given the fact that Bhatt camp has always been known for their impeccable taste in music.

In a nutshell, ‘Hacked’ feels like an exposé of some sorts at the beginning but gradually, one learns that it is just a half-baked attempt. Do not let this film ‘hack’ away your weekend!


Hacked Movie Cast

  • Hina Khan as Sameera Khanna aka Sam
  • Rohan Shah as Vivek
  • Mohit Malhotra
  • Sid Makkar as Om Kapoor

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