Fan 2019 Kannada Movie Reviews & Ratings

Fan 2019 Kannada Movie Reviews & Ratings

Fan is a 2019 Kannada movie directed by Darshith Balavalli starring Aryan Gowda, Adhvithi Shetty, Mandya Ramesh, and Naveen D Padil. The movie is produced by Shashikiran ME. Kannada movie Fan is released this Friday at the box office. Kannada movie Fan is a movie that isn’t going to make a lot of bucks for the makers. The fan is an average movie with very average production. This weekend when the competition is very high at the box office we think that this Kannada flick will make only average bucks for the makers.

So far, the critics’ reviews are coming out mixed for the movie and word of mouth is also very average for the Fan movie.
You all should know that the movie itself is directed by Balavalli Darshith Bhat. Also, it is featuring Aryan Gowda, Adhvithi Shetty, Mandya Ramesh, Naveen Padil, and many more in the important roles in the movie. It is a movie which should be watched by the viewers in very good numbers. You all are going to love this film for sure. This is a great film and the people who are coming out to watch this movie are looking happy.


Fan 2019 Movie Review

Protagonist Drushya (Aryan Gowda) is a popular TV actor. The small screen heartthrob stays in touch with fans through social media. When his team goes looking for a new location in and around coastal Karnataka, a fan of the actor from the region – Shayari (Adhvithi Shetty) helps them find the ideal one. Turns out that this fan adores her idol so much that she wants to take this relationship to the next level.

fan kannad movie

fan kannad movie

While Drushya hopes to get married to a girl who values relationships, Shayari is fixated on Drushya’s onscreen image. The hindrance, however, is the girl’s parents, who want her to get married to someone else. A rather typical and age-old story plot that everyone has seen on the screen many a time. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that keeps this storyline afloat.

The execution is long-drawn, the songs do not impress and the romantic scenes, in what is essentially a love story, fall flat.
What do you look out for? The cinematography – the coastal areas of Karnataka are beautifully captured. As for the story, a new set of actors enact what you have surely seen onscreen back in the nineties.

Nothing short of a fan of the actor who appears to be a virtuoso on the screen. There is no shortage of girls who dream of a husband like the beautiful hero on screen. The fan is a reality show for a fan who wants to see the moon as beautiful as the actor who loves his wife immensely in television serials.
This is the directorial debut of Darshit Bhatt, who was promising on the first try. Shayari (Adwithi Shetty), a girl from a coastal village, is the life of an actor (Aryan), who plays the lead in the song. In the serial, Shayari returns to his love for his wife. In real life, the scene feels the same.

fan kannada movie full

fan kannada movie full

Finally, the team comes to shoot at her house. Shayari is thrilled when the scene of worship more than life comes into her home. Her dream shoots. Is the scene seduced by Shayari’s fanaticism? Does love? See in the cinema how Shayari illusions.
The serialized scenes in the film, the shooting is all coming and going. Fans of the actor have also been given a message with Love Story. Though the director does not need Shankar Nag to have good fandom, goodwill is said throughout the film. The fight was also put on hold. It was not needed. The duration of the film is long. With the exception of this, the film’s story is thin, but the narrative remains to be seen.

The brisk and witty dialogue brought the film to life. The nature of the coastal area is shot in the eye. All of the characters are given importance. Aditya Shetty is appreciated for her performance as a heroine. Sameeksha is also a great heroine. All of the actors in supporting roles come to life. There is no hindrance to seeing a film that goes on with humor without flare.

Fan 2019 Movie Story Based On

Fan a Kannada movie starring Aryan Gowda and Adhivithi Shetty in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Balavalli Darshith Bhat. This movie is good and we are pretty sure that you all are going to love this film for sure. You all are going to love the movie and the storyline is impressive in the movie.

fan kannada movie cast

fan kannada movie cast

Fan 2019 Movie Cast & Crew

Feature Film
Runtime: 2h 25min
Release Date: August 23, 2019 (India)
Genre: Drama
Language: Kannada
Director: Darshith Balavalli

Star Cast

  • Aryan Gowda
  • Adhvithi Shetty
  • Mandya Ramesh
  • Naveen D Padil
  • Prasanna Shetty

Positive Points Of The Movie

  • This movie has good directional work.
  • Production work is awesome in the movie.
  • Screenplay work is great in the movie.

Negative Points Of The Movie

  • This movie has weak editing work.
  • Music Production work is average in the movie.
  • The cinematography work is average in the movie.
fan kannada movie review

fan kannada movie review

Fan 2019 Movie Final Verdict-

We are pretty sure that you all are going to love the Kannada movie Fan for sure. It is a fine film and the concept is very great in the movie.


We are so sure that you all are going to love this movie. It is a movie that is going to make enough bucks for the makers.

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