Ajab Sanjura Gajab Love Movie Reviews

Ajab Sanjura Gajab Love Movie Reviews

A romantic film directed by Ashok Pati, starring Archita Sahu and Babushan Mohanty in the lead roles.

Sanju, a young man who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, falls in love with Sakhi. All is well in their lives until the day he is forced to take her sick father to the hospital.

Cast: Archita Sahu, Babushan Mohanty

Crew: Ashok Pati (Director), Sitansu Mohapatra (Director of Photography), Prem Anand (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 13 Jan 2019 (India)

Oriya Name: ଅଜବ ସଂଜୁର ଗଜବି ଲୋଭେ


Ajab Sanjura Gajab Love is a Oriya movie released on 11 Jan, 2019. The movie is directed by Ashok Pati and featured Archita Sahu, Babushan Mohanty and Mihir Das as lead characters.

Ajab Sanju Ra Gajab Love is a 2019 Odia film co-written and directed by Ashok Pati. The screenplay is written by Umesh Dash The film stars Babushan and Archita Sahu are in lead roles. The movie is a remake of 2017 Telugu movie Mahanubhavudu.


Sanju (Babushan) is a young man suffers with obsessive compulsive disorder and is very picky on cleanliness and neatness. He doesn’t even dare to touch others hands since they contain germs and bacteria and has a heavy fear towards hospitals since they have infectious patients. He one day meets Sakhi (Archita Sahu) after an incident involving a man spitting chewing gum on her shoe. He falls in love with her after she tells the man the importance of cleanliness. She later becomes his partner for a company project and she eventually falls for him too. She decides to introduce Sanju to her father (Mihir Das), who has been waiting for his daughter to get married. Although Sakhi’s father rejects him at first due to his pickiness, Sanju saves his stolen bag from a bunch of goons and he accepts him as his son-in-law. However at that time, Sakhi’s father suffers a heart attack and Sanju is forced to take him to the hospital. On their way there, her father begins vomiting blood onto Sanju and Sanju unable to tolerate it, stops the car and vomits himself. He then tells Sakhi that he can’t take her father to the hospital which shocks her. Sakhi takes her father to the hospital instead and breaks up with Sanju because of his pickiness over things being clean and selfishness towards his health. The rest of the story depicts on how Sanju overcomes his OCD and wins back Sakhi’s heart.


Ajab Sanjura Gajab Love Movie Reviews

Ajab Sanjura Gajab Love Movie Reviews


  • Babushan as Sanju
  • Archita Sahu as Sakhi
  • Mihir Das
  • Aparajita Mohanty
  • Abhijit
  • Babi Mishra
  • Smita Mohanty


Ajab Sanju Ra Gajab Love
Film score by 

Prem Anand
  • 12 January 2019
Recorded 2019
Genre Soundtrack
Length 21:17
Label Tarang Music
Producer Prem Anand
Prem Anand chronology
Prem Kumar: Salesman of the year
Ajab Sanju Ra Gajab Love
Nimki (2019 film)

Music composed by Prem Anand. The soundtrack was released by Tarang Music.

Track listing
No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Aa Lagai De Daaga” Humane Sagar, Diptirekha Padhi 4:03
2. “Jhia Ra Iccha Achi” Ashutosh Mohanty 3:44
3. “Mushkil Hai Jeena” Babushan, Diptirekha Padhi 4:08
4. “Mo Chatira Dhadkan” Sabishesh Mishra 5:21
5. “Jhia Mane Sabu Pabana” Humane Sagar 4:13

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