How to Install Window in Pendrive

By | April 1, 2019

Welcome to JANGRATECHS, Here we provide you to learn to do all kinds of softwares. We’ll also show you some tricks to make the things easier to use.
If you want to install windows in Pendrive there are some specific Pendrive with the name of windows to go it is the inbuilt feature of windows 10. But there is not any inbuilt feature in any window to install windows in Pendrive.

First of all download Win to USB software 

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How to Install window in Pendrive

There is a software winTousb. It provide us to same features of windows to go and some other features.


This is the software that we’ll use to install windows in Pendrive, Here we can install any window use this software such as win7, win8, win10 except windows xp. We can’t install windows xp through winTousb because windows xp provide us a direct plateform of installing in Pendrive in simple boot.

WinTousb is a software that allows you to install and run windows operating system on a USB hard drive or USB flash drive, using an ISO image or CD/DVD drive as the source of installation.
Firstly, Install WinTousb
Step1: Double Click on setup
Step2: Click on yes
And after that choose next next and install and finally finish.

Finally, How to use it
Open the software, Double click on the shortcut that create on desktop, after that it requires permissions to open it click on yes button after that it will take little time to open
After open the software you will choose how you will install windows in your Pendrive means from CD/DVD or direct from image file that present in your system or there is an option from that option you will install from your system image (System image is a image that this software automatically create itself from your system window that you install in your system)
And browse for image file
Select ISO image of windows operating system from your system that you create or save in your system drives or you can choose CD/DVD option

Select windows version that you want to install in your Pendrive

Select here MBR for BIOS
Because If you want to install window in Pendrive this option is recommended from the software and left two options are newer option thatswhy you will show some problems in your Pendrive

Select here legacy option because other two options will be create virtual drives in Pendrive thatswhy you select legacy option but the software recommended you to select 2nd option that is VHD option and click next
Then the process will start it will take time because this process is the main process of installation of windows in Pendrive but its speed will be depend on your system speed  than you will wait for it.

Here you select exit and finish the process.
After that restart your computer and go to boot menu/ boot setup and choose first boot device your Pendrive after that your window that you install in your Pendrive start like that way that you operate in harddisk.

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