123Movies 2020 – Biggest Website to Stream Hollywood, Bollywood Movies & T.V Shows

123Movies 2020 – Biggest Website to Stream Movies & T.V Shows

123Movies Website: If you like streaming movies online for free, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of 123movies. The streaming movie service is well-known for its extensive library of films and videos used by millions of people across the globe.

Although 123movies Website is popular, the service has faced legal challenges on copyright grounds. In some countries, the service is geo-restricted. This has led to a number of cloned 123movie sites. 123movies briefly rebranded to GoMovies in 2017, but then changed its name back to 123movies by 2018. There are cloned 123movies sites under both domain names. Some of these cloned sites have been reported to host viruses and malware, which can damage your system if your device is exposed.

123Movies Website

123Movies Website

The safest way to visit 123movies Website and stream online is to use a VPN. A VPN will mask your IP address, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the content you want to see.

VPNs use strong encryption, which prevents third parties and internet service providers from viewing your online activity. Many VPNs also offer virus and malware protection, which keeps you safe in case you visit a streaming website that has annoying pop-ups, or worse, dangerous malware.

Visiting 123movies without VPN protection is not recommended. But with a secure VPN, you can relax and enjoy all that 123movies has to offer.

Read on to learn how you can stay protected while using 123movies.

What is 123Movies Website?

To put it simply, 123Movies Website is a video streaming site that allows users to stream pirated movies. There are hundreds of similar sites out there. In fact, 123Movies is part of a network of dozens of clone websites. Currently, their domain is 123movies.la but that is likely to change as well.

123Movies and other streaming sites provide visitors with a large catalog of titles, including new releases. You do not need to log in or create an account. You simply click on the title that you want to watch and begin streaming on your computer or internet-connected device.

You can find most movies and television shows on 123Movies. Besides new blockbuster films that have just recently appeared in theaters, you can find titles from other popular streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Due to the variety of content, 123Movies has become one of the most popular streaming sites. You can watch movies from the browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There is also a 123Movies app for Roku and Kodu devices. However, there are still a few details that you should consider before visiting the website or installing the app.

What is the history of the 123Movies Website?

The History of 123movies is full of conspiracy. 123Movies Website, GoStream and clone websites of 123movies have often been in news for publishing pirated and illegal content.

Various websites have accused 123movies of copyright infringement. 123movies has been hunted down by the government and has been often compelled to change the names of the hosting provider.

On 18 March, the Motion Picture Association of America had included Go 123movies, Gostream123movies, Gomovies, 123movieshub and other associated websites of 123movies.la under the list “notorious websites”. They have listed 123movies Website as the most popular illegal movie website in the world.

According to MPAA, every month more than 98 million users visit movie watcher 123movies which is more than the visitors per month rate of any other illegal streaming site. As per their report, 123movies or Go 123movies seems to be hosted in Vietnam and carrying out their work by the assistance of Vietnam officials (the Office of the Police Investigation Agency C44).

It has been noted that on the same day, 123movies Website has published the notice that declared the countdown of shutting down. On the 3rd of April, this countdown was set to 5 days but Gostream123movies and its associated movies streaming websites are still running up. There are various URLs and servers on which 123movieshub, 123movies networks websites are readily available.

123Movies Website Homepage

123Movies Website Homepage

Features of 123Movies Website

  • Watch all the latest movies and TV shows.
  • Find movies based on their genre and year of release.
  • Get all the top-rated movies on the Top IMDb section.
  • Multiple streaming servers provided.
  • Search for movies using advanced filters.
  • No sign-up or credit card required.
  • Watch unlimited movies and TV shows without any restrictions.

123Movies Proxy Websites

123Movies, 0123movies, movies, MovieRulz has been blocked in many countries. If you are also facing the same issue then below is the list of 123Movies Website proxy websites through which you can access the 123Movies website without having to use VPN or Proxies.

  • 123moviesgot.com
  • 123movies.domains
  • is123moviesfree.com
  • 123movieshub.info
  • 123movieshd.be

123Movies Mirror Websites

Here’s a list of 123Movies mirrors. All mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of writing this article.

Few alternatives to 123Movies Website

Though there is no substitute for 123some, some of the sites you can use as an alternative. Using them will not you have the same experience as using the 123movies, but it will somehow compensate for the use of the 123movies Website. So here are some of the alternatives websites to 123movies that you can use to download movies for free:

Here are some of the alternatives to 123Movies that you should try.

  • Solar Movie
  • Vumoo.to
  • Fmovies
  • 0123movies
  • Snag Films
  • PopCornFlix.com
  • PutLocker
  • YesMovies.to
  • IceFilms.net
  • WatchFree.me
  • B Movies
  • Want an Android app? Then Try Showbox for free

All of these websites are pretty similar to 123Movies and contain a huge database of movies and TV shows that you can explore. The best part is that all of these websites are free to use just like 123Movies. So, what are you waiting for? Go and give them a try.

What Genre Movies Are Leaked By 123Movies Website?

We have stated before that 123movies Websites are not bound to one language. It is a Multilanguage website which leads you to download different language movie like French and Japanese. Here you get a look at the world movies. But not the only different language the movie library here has a wide variety of categories of different category movies. So the following are the categories in which the leaked films are available on the website.

  • Sci-fi
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Anime
  • Sports
  • Romantic 
  • Space
  • Fighting
  • Fantasy
  • Psychological

What Makes 123Movies Website Special?

There are plenty of websites that offer free movies to you. And some of them even provide HD movies like 123movies. Then what are the reasons we consider 123movies as the best option when we decide to download a movie or watch one online? Here is the answer to your question on the following points described.

  • The first advantage is the website provides a huge variety of movies from different languages, including Hollywood and Bollywood. Surfing here, you are not limited to on my films of Hollywood or Bollywood only slightly. You get to have a better look at movies of different languages like French, Japanese, etc.
  • You get to watch all the movies in HD different qualities, i.e., not only HD is an option you can choose as 360p, 720p, and 1080p also. Now you can enjoy your watch of a top movie from any language with the HD quality that you want.
  • The website does not contain any ad or pop up, which makes it easier to operate. Additionally, it does not ask you for any information from you that may land you on some problem. So the website is safe to operate and download movies from.
  • It has a huge variety of movies in its library, and the film is all free of you. So the website does not bound you to one or two languages; instead, it provides you with different languages top movies.

Why do people watch 123Movies Website?

If you ask the media industry representatives, the answer is always going to be greed and the stubbornness to support those that create great content, but things are a lot more complicated than that. Let’s say we divide the users in two groups, those that just don’t have the means to pay for a monthly subscription, so they rely on third-party services to watch their favorite shows (it usually happens when children or teenagers hear from their more wealthy friends about that cool movie that was just released, so they want to watch it as well) and then there’s the group of people that can afford to pay for the monthly subscription.

The former group is usually more widespread in developing countries and the media industry usually doesn’t care that much about them (for example, the chance that a country in Eastern Europe would prosecute someone for viewing a movie on an illegal streaming website is slim to none), so we’re going to focus on the latter group.

Is it safe to enjoy content on 123Movies Website?

Yes, this is a website that you can trust. Millions of people are already using this website to get their entertainment needs catered as well. In the meantime, you should also understand that this site has got many other competitor websites. Most of these competitor websites are fake, and they are designed to put you in scams.

Anyhow, we recommend you to take care of your own safety online. That’s why you need to get an ad-blocker installed on the browser and a VPN installed on the computer or mobile device that you are going to access 123Movies Website.

Is 123Movies Legal?

In most of the Western world, displaying content that was not obtained through the proper licenses is illegal.

However, 123Movies and similar streaming sites often operate in other parts of the world. They are often based out of countries that do not have strict anti-piracy or copyright laws.

123Movies Website also uses a solution that helps them circumvent the law in certain countries. Instead of hosting the pirated content on their website, they link to the pirated content. When you click on a movie, the content is streamed from a secure cyberlocker or another online source.

There is no disputing the fact that 123Movies Website is not legal in the United States. They do not purchase licenses for the content that they offer on their websites, regardless of the fact that they do not host the content themselves.

Fortunately, there are still some legal and safe video streaming sites online nowadays (free as well) which you can still use. They might not have the latest popular movies and shows but at least will not get you into trouble (have a look at the end of this article for our recommended free streaming websites).

Can I really get prosecuted for watching 123Movies?

I know that this is what you came from, but the answer is not that straight forward since it’s both yes and no. The way the lawyers operate changes every year, so, while the general consensus was that if you don’t upload copyrighted content and don’t distribute it, you should be kind of safe, well, downloading copyrighted content, even if temporary is still considered enough to get you prosecuted (there are traces of that file in the system, the most basic ones being the Cookies).

But, if you were streaming movies from GoMovies or the GoStream site in your home (not in public, where others can see – such as bars or restaurants), you could remain in a sort of gray zone, especially since it is very expensive to go after one user for watching an episode from a series, instead of actually putting those resources and try to bring down the website itself.

So, the most common tactic was to just scare the user by sending a cease and desist letter after requesting the address and the name linked to the IP address from the ISP. There have been cases when the user would get a fine, although very rare and usually in the EU (Germany is dead serious about this type of offense) and, considering that the police funds are usually routed to more dangerous threats to society than a person watching the final episode of Game of Thrones, most people believe they are fine.

Can 123movies Harm My Computer?

There are a number of cloned versions of the 123movies website. These cloned sites may also carry viruses and malware, which can corrupt your device through malicious links or ad pop-ups.

We recommend installing a strong antivirus or firewall product before visiting any 123movies website. Some VPNs–such as NordVPN–also include an ad and malware blocker.

A VPN Can Keep You Safe When You Use 123Movies Website

It’s important to remember that using VPNs will also improve the security of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All of our recommended VPNs offer powerful encryption, which makes it impossible for hackers or third parties to view your online activity.

Even if the system had a backdoor, the encryption would make it impossible for hackers to actually decipher your data.

VPNs protect you from anyone that wants to snoop in your online activity and private personal data. That could be a hacker who installs malware on a cloned streaming website or an internet service provider that wants to determine who is visiting websites like 123movies.

By using a VPN, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your online experience is completely private and secure.

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